Digital Signal Analyzer
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Digital Signal Analyzer
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The Lynx® DSA is the most advanced, full-featured Multichannel Analyzer ever offered.

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  • Integrated rack mountable MCA based on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
  • Two groups of 32K channel conversion gain/spectral memory
  • Operates in pulse height analysis (PHA), multichannel scaling (MCS), dual channel loss free counting (LFC), multispectral scaling (MSS) and time-stamped list modes
  • Superior count rate and temperature stability
  • Flexible range of processing time parameters for precise match to application requirements
  • 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet, USB and RS-232 interfaces plus TCP/IP communications for fast, convenient industry- standard communications
  • Full complement of control and signal input/output interfaces
  • Three HVPS ranges to support detectors with low, medium or high bias requirements
  • Advanced auto pole/zero US Patent #7725281, base line restoration and digital stabilization capability
  • Adjustable digital signal delay for coincidence timing applications
  • Multiple trace analog and digital oscilloscope to ensure easy setup and maintenance
  • Full-featured support through Genie™ 2000/Apex spectroscopy software
  • Optional software development kit with examples
  • Spectral display, acquisition control, energy calibration and instrument setup also available via built-in web server


The Lynx DSA is the most advanced, full-featured Multichannel Analyzer ever offered. It is a 32K channel integrated signal analyzer based on advanced digital signal processing (DSP) techniques. When paired with the computer of choice, the Lynx unit becomes a complete spectroscopy workstation capable of the highest quality acquisition and analysis. The instrument supports a wide range of technologies such as HPGe, NaI(Tl), Lanthanum Halide, Si(Li), PIPS®, X-PIPS™ CdTe and Cd(Zn)Te spectroscopy detectors. It also supports the unique energy ranges of all these detectors from 1 keV on up. 

This highly integrated instrument incorporates front end signal conditioning, a fast digitizing analog-to-digital converter (ADC), programmable digital filters, digital oscilloscope, automatic pole/zero US Patent #7725281 and base line restorer, digital fast discriminator, two groups of 32K channel spectral memory, digital stabilizer and a triple-range HVPS - all in a small, compact package. Lighted indicators are included on the front panel to alert the user to power, acquisition, communication, high voltage and count rate status with just a quick glance. 

The Lynx instrument is operated through the Mirion Genie 2000 and Apex spectroscopy software which provides the user with an extensive selection of application specific software options. The Lynx unit may also be operated via the Internet or a Local Area Network (LAN) without any spectroscopy software at all. Only a web browser is required for data acquisition display and control, system energy/shape calibration and operation of the digital oscilloscope from a Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or Linux computer. The web browser capability can be used for controlling and checking count status from any computer on the Internet if permission is granted by the system administrator. However, more involved data analysis such as nuclide identification, activity calculation, etc., requires Genie 2000 or Apex software. An OS independent software development kit (SDK) with examples is available and can be used without Genie 2000 software. The SDK is similar to the comprehensive set of programming tools available with the Mirion Osprey Digital Tube Base. It allows expert users to develop platform independent applications for instrument control and data acquisition.


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Software Downloads

Lynx V1.5 Firmware update is a complimentary maintenance update to the Lynx MCA. This upgrade addressed the obsolescence of Adobe Flash and upgrades the web client to HTML5 technology.Please review the release notes for full details.

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