Maintenance and Set-up Software
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Maintenance and Set-up Software
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User friendly interface for setup, configuration, surveillance, maintenance and network display of RAMSYS™ monitors.

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  • User friendly and ergonomic Microsoft Windows based interface
  • Display network of connected RAMSYS monitors
  • Right-click instant access to the monitor configuration screens
  • Communication through standard RS232 or RS485 serial link
  • Integration on the site Ethernet network
  • Password protection (multi level)
  • Display of up to 4 spectra curves with associated data simultaneously (for liquid, iodine, N-13, N-16, particulate and gas monitors)
  • Detector adjustment and spectrum energy calibration
  • Treatment functions as smoothing and subtraction


The MASS2 software is a powerful tool to set-up, configure and verify monitors belonging to the RAMSYS product line. It capitalizes each feature of the system and offers many functionalities to aid exploitation of the full capabilities of each monitor. The MASS2 software functionalities were developed based on ten years experience with the RAMSYS system. Moreover it extends the RAMSYS family spectroscopy features by adding powerful spectrum acquisition and manipulation functions of the SAMS™ software. It allows acquisition and analysis of the monitor (with LPU/SAS/NaI, LPU/SAS/NaI/Beta or LPU/SPIPS) in true or live time, total counting, region of interest counting or statistical evolutions. 


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