TOM-i | Mobile Clearance Monitor



TOM-i is the smallest member of our CheckPoint:WasteTM family. Weighing in, without lead installed, at 75 kg/165 lb, it can be easily moved to any location required. Removing the lead is easily done with the loosening of a few screws. Additionally, the A4 edition is even smaller and lighter at only 58 kg/128 lb. For convenience, it is available with an optional 80 cm rack.

CHamber size options

The TOM-i is built to conduct release measurements of tools, helmets and other small items; anything that can fit into the 214 x 300 x 370 mm (8.43 x 11.81 x 14.57 in) sized chamber, and not weighing more than 20 kg/44 lb. For releasing A4 folders TOM-i is also available with a smaller chamber size designed to perfectly match a stack of A4 folders.

 Tom-i Chamber Sizes

Save Time & Money

The TOM-i was designed with efficiency primarily in mind: the monitor is equipped with fibre detectors, which are valuable for their robustness and for their minimal dead zones. All components are standardized and kept to a minimum to maximize ease of maintenance and spart parts logistics. 

easy operation

The TOM-i can be easily operated by anyone. The user interface is simple & intuitive in both stand-alone mode or via embedded computer. The monitor's status, and any alarm situations, are clearly indicated by color changing LED strips, bar graph displays, and an alarm buzzer. Parameters are pre-set at the factory according to your specific requirement. If you choose to operate the monitor via embedded computer, you can easily modify those parameters at will. The TOM-i uses a 2-door mode of operation to release goods from the controlled area into the clean area. All of these features guarantee reliable & quick measurements and a high throughput of goods.

Convenient Management Software

An optional readout unit (embedded computer) with the Mirion App, running on an Android OS, can provide a database for all measurements. It allows for database checks, system configuration, and parameter modification by anyone with the necessary access. Additionally, current measurements are displayed live. Operating the application is very simple and user-friendly.

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