Multiport II™

Multichannel Analyzer
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Multiport II™

Multichannel Analyzer
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The Multiport II module is a double width NIM intended for use where existing amplifier and HVPS modules are to be combined with a high analog performance, low-cost ADC/MCA.

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  • Up to six independent Multichannel Analyzers (in-the-field customer upgradable)
  • Each MCA fully computer controlled
  • 16K ADC, 1 μs fast fixed conversion time with linearization enhancement circuit for excellent non-linearity
  • Fully buffered memory allowing simultaneous ADC memory write and spectrum transfer to host computer
  • PHA and MCS acquisition modes
  • Full I/O control (including sample changer)
  • On-board data backup
  • Suitable for HPGe, NaI(Tl), CdTe, PIPS®, X-PIPS™ and other detector technologies
  • Communications interface: Ethernet/USB
  • Fully supported by Genie™ 2000 software


The Multiport II MCA module provides greater flexibility than traditional bus plug-in boards but at a comparable cost. It can be purchased in versions from one to six inputs. Units with fewer than six inputs can be field upgraded with additional inputs.

The Multiport II module is easy to install and easy to link. Host computer interfacing is accomplished via a standard USB port or a standard Ethernet port (unshielded twisted pair) and through standard protocols. These widely recognized interfaces make the unit compatible with a wide range of computer platforms. Also, multiple Multiport II units can be totally remote-controlled from a single computer. Furthermore, there is only one cable between the host computer and the Multiport II NIM module for simplicity of inter connection.


Software Downloads

Release Date: 10/30/2013


Provides the Multiport II USB Genie 2000 driver for support on Windows 7 64-bit Operating Systems and Windows Server 2008 R2. This driver is compatible with Genie 2000 Version 3.3.


This release of the Multiport II USB driver (Version has been tested with Windows 7 x64 and Windows 2008 R2 using Genie 2000 Version 3.3. For Windows 7 x86 and Windows XP operating Systems, the Multiport II Version USB Driver should be used.

Version 3.3 of the Genie 2000 installation does not copy the Multiport II driver data files when installing on 64-bit operating systems. These files, DrMp2.DRD, MANUAL.DRD and PARALLEL.DRD are provided on the Multiport II driver installation disk and must be copied manually. The location for these files is the "C:\GENIE2K\DRIVERS\"; where "C:" would be replaced by the drive letter of the disk where Genie 2000 was installed. With these files in place you will be able to define Multiport II inputs using the Genie 2000 MCA Input Definition Editor.

Additionally the Genie 2000 installation does not create required registry entries for the Multiport II. The file MP2.reg is provided on the driver installation disk to create the required registry entries. Right click on the MP2.reg file and select the Merge operation to update the registry. Answer affirmatively to messages asking you if you really want to perform this update.


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