NDA Systems

From standalone manually-loaded systems, to fully-automated systems which provide greater throughput and minimize personnel exposure. Mobile system configurations are also available, including ISO containers or semi-trailers. Mirion partners with its customers to configure the appropriate solution to help address site requirements, reduce operating costs and lower personnel exposure levels to meet ALARA program goals. The systems shown below are examples of the wide range of solutions provided by our teams. Typically we use a building-block approach based on our wide range of standard components and experience, to offer bespoke systems that meet individual customers requirements.

Neutron Waste Assay Systems

Passive and active neutron measurement systems are available to accommodate common container and inventory sample sizes. 

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Safeguards Products

Solutions developed and supported by our staff offering extensive and diverse experience in this field. We are committed to providing the best technologies for the ever-changing demands related to safeguarding nuclear materials.

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Gamma Waste Assay Systems

Gamma measurement systems for the measurement of non-packaged and packaged waste as well as containers of different sizes.

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Waste Assay System Software

Mirion systems software offers a standard platform for use with all systems. Various counter arrangements, detector arrangements, analysis sequences, hardware control, and reports can be generated from the standard software. This provides the advantage that as the customer's assay requirements change, the software can be easily adapted to handle the new requirements.

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