Portable Radiation Measurement Accessories

Various accessories for the portable survey meters.

Communication Modules for CSP Probes

The CSP-COM module is ideal for remote monitoring applications, monitoring radiation in hot zones without human intervention or to centralize data acquisition.

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for Conventional Alpha/Beta Probes

It is a SMART converter that brings CSP™ capabilities to conventional probes and offers new life to the thousands of Alpha/Beta probes that have been rendered unusable due to the obsolescence of their associated survey meters.

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Coupling Handle for Radiagem and CSP Probes

The Handle-R device connects between the probe and the Radiagem™ CSP™ input. It attaches to the instrument and to its probe, creating a compact module.

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Programming Library

The CSP-PL library provides direct call to function and allows acquisition of the CSP™ probe measurements on a PC without the need to understand the CSP protocol running all CSP instruments.

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PNK-R™ 900
Pancake Dongle for CSP Survey Meters

The PNK-R meter can be used as an adapter which allows conventional pancake probes to be connected to Smart Probes.

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Telescoping Pole for Radiagem and CSP

The CSP-POLE unit is designed to be used with the Radiagem™ personal survey meter and most of the CSP™ probes.

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Audio Head-set for Radiagem

Audio-R unit also provides a modulated sound according to the detected rate activity. These capabilities improve the user's experience by eliminating interference, thus simplifying a blind or otherwise difficult search.

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