Post-Accident Facility Management

Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima... These three accidents have led NPP operators worldwide to equip themselves with increasingly high-performance systems built to ever-stricter and higher standards, capable of managing their facility in post-accident situations. The use of ionizing radiation monitoring systems in the event of this type of accident is particularly critical to limit its scope of impact. Responding to these requirements is a genuine technological challenge in that the physical values (temperature, pressure, integrated dose, time, etc.) influencing the various hypotheses at play never cease to increase.

Noble Gas Monitors - Post Accident

Monitoring air before, during and after an accident.

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Samplers - Post Accident

Sampling air effluents under accident conditions.

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Gamma Radiation Monitors - Post Accident

Monitoring the gamma dose rate under harsh environment conditions.

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Software (Radiation Monitoring)

Data integration of all instrumentation for setup, configuration, maintenance, spectrum analysis, simulation and supervision.

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