Signal Processing Units (Ex-Core)

DAK 250™
Digital Start-up Channel

The DAK 250 digital start-up channel consists of either the DAK 250i for pulse range (BF3, B10-counters or fission chambers) or the DAK 250g for the intermediate range (ionization chambers) which has linear or logarithmic output signals and a reactor period signal with an optional module for reactivity calculation. The DAK 250 channel is also used for steam generator leak monitoring (N16).

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DGK 250™
Digital Power Range Channel

The DGK 250 power range channel uses linear signal processing and numeric calibration of one or two signal paths in PWR reactors and is used with a boron-coated neutron ionization chamber. In research reactors, the DGK 250 channel can use either/or uncompensated/compensated ion chambers and options include a peak pulse processor.

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DWK 250™
Digital Wide Range Channel

The DWK 250 digital wide-range channel in combination with the TKV 23 wide-range preamplifier (50 ohm or 75 ohm) provide a combination of pulse and Campbell (RMS) processing signals together with in-core (BWR) or ex-core (PWR) fission chambers that have pulse, intermediate and wide-range neutron flux and reactor period signals.

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Ion Chamber Amplifier

The Model NPA-2019 unit is an Ion Chamber Amplifier designed for use in a nuclear power reactor. The device consists of a log and linear amplifier, a rate amplifier, buffer amplifiers, alarm trips, and a high-voltage tel/-tale circuit, aI/ housed in a nuclear safety qualified drawer. It is designed to mount in a standard 483 mm (19") mounting rack.

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Nuclear Instrumentation Bin

Nuclear safety instrumentation for reactor control or shutdown.

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