Signal Processing Units (In-Core)

DAK 250™
Digital Start-up Channel

The DAK 250 digital start-up channel consists of either the DAK 250i for pulse range (BF3, B10-counters or fission chambers) or the DAK 250g for the intermediate range (ionization chambers) which has linear or logarithmic output signals and a reactor period signal with an optional module for reactivity calculation. The DAK 250 channel is also used for steam generator leak monitoring (N16).

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DLK 250™
Digital Power Distribution Channel

Working with self-powered neutron detectors to monitor local neutron flux distribution and features background compensation, calibration, and noise reduction.

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Digital Power Range Channels

Local and average power range channel for BWR reactors with average flux and flow-related flux, including stability monitoring.

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DWK 250™
Digital Wide Range Channel

The DWK 250 digital wide-range channel in combination with the TKV 23 wide-range preamplifier (50 ohm or 75 ohm) provide a combination of pulse and Campbell (RMS) processing signals together with in-core (BWR) or ex-core (PWR) fission chambers that have pulse, intermediate and wide-range neutron flux and reactor period signals.

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Dual Dynamic Compensator

The NPA-2003 compensator removes the delayed response portion of the self powered detector signal to be used for safety shutdown trip indications.

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