QuickSweep-Smart | Handheld Contamination Probe


The QuickSweep™-Smart is a robust, wireless, handheld contamination probe which is sensitive to alpha, beta and gamma radiation. It features the Mirion fibre detector technology for a high sensitivity and outstanding detector homogeneity. Operating the QuickSweep™-Smart is simple & intuitive: all relevant information is indicated by LED light, buzzer, and vibration module. The optional wireless readout-unit provides additional functionalities for expert users, such as detailed measurement results, parameter settings and a measurement database. The device itself is light & handy, thus perfectly suited for all mobile operations.


  • Alpha, beta and gamma sensitive Mirion fibre detector
  • High sensitivity and outstanding detector homogeneity
  • Fits into gaps as small as 60 x 35 mm
  • To be used as stand-alone probe or in combination with external readout-unit
  • Waterproof, robust and shock-resistant
  • Bluetooth interface
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