R950 ALLRad Mk2 Camera System

Product Features

The Allrad MK2 is a versatile PTZ inspection system designed for use in a variety of radiation environments.

The system allows for the rapid exchange of a CCD based color module with a high radiation monochrome module, without the need for special tools, cable changes or recalibration/exchange of the camera control unit.

The Allrad provides high quality color or monochrome pictures in-air or underwater and both camera modules feature high performance ‘spot’ & ‘flood’ integral LED lighting.  Additional external lighting is available as an option.

The integral Pan & Tilt unit features a mechanical clutch to minimize snagging during deployment.

Product Description

  • Suitable for all radiation environments
  • High resolution color camera for low radiation, tube based monochrome camera for high radiation environments
  • Ease of transfer between camera types (no CCU setting up)
  • Compact PTZ design for in-air or underwater use
  • Stainless steel construction
  • On-board LED lighting plus optional External 2 x 35W lights


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