Conveyor Monitors

Product LINE Description

"Outside" materials are routinely used at radiological facilities (scaffolding, for example).  When these materials are no longer needed, and they are removed from the facility, they must be scanned to verify that radioactive contamination is not present.  Conveyor Monitors provide a convenient solution for this labor-intensive task.

Product LINE Features

  • Automated: monitors reduce time and eliminate repetitive steps needed to clear materials
  • Fast: high-speed throughput of conveyor monitors provides rapid material clearance
  • Accurate: industry-standard alarm thresholds (5000 dpm for beta) are readily achievable, even in a 20 uR/hr background
  • Convenient: measurements are logged for later retrieval, maintenance and calibration is quick and easy, configurations can be automatically loaded for easy replication
  • Self-diagnostic: monitors continually check themselves for detector damage, power issues, background fluctuations, etc.


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