HandFoot-Fibre | Contamination Monitors

Product LINE Description

While working within a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA), workers might travel from zones where the potential for contamination is higher to one where this "threat" is lower.  Hand and foot monitors quickly scan places where contamination is most likely to be present (the worker's hands and feet) before allowing passage between zones.

Product LINE Features

  • Automated: monitors operate seamlessly without the need for "supervising" HP personnel
  • Fast: less than ten seconds of measurement provides complete details to clear the worker
  • Accurate: outstanding alarm thresholds are achievable also in challenging environments
  • Convenient: measurements are logged for later retrieval, maintenance and calibration is quick and easy, configurations can be automatically loaded for easy replication
  • Self-diagnostic: monitors continually check themselves for detector damage, power issues, background fluctuations, etc.
  • Mobile: thanks to attached wheels and light weight, the monitors can be easily moved

Available in Two versions

  • HandFoot-Fibre™ XL with optional discrimination of alpha and beta radiation for the use in all nuclear environments
  • HandFoot-Fibre™ MED which features a particularly high sensitivity for nuclides used in medical applications
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