Area Monitor
Manufactured by: The Health Physics Divison
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Area Monitor
Manufactured by: The Health Physics Division
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Monitor radiation over long periods of time in fixed locations with the RDS-31 Area Monitoring System.

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  • Custom cut enclosure with injection molded insert, both pieces UL94-HB Flame Rated.
  • Special high capacity air alkaline batteries
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Speaker holes and clear cover provide local alarm capabilities
  • Built in db9 connection for optional High Rad tolerant external probe
  • External Probe connects with standard AMP cable
  • With a combination of the new diode detector and removal of rad sensitive components the SD version provides a much greater instrument life in higher dose rates (~20 kR of exposure)
  • Special firmware for low current draw for extended run time (<4mA/hr)


This Area Monitor was designed as an ALARA Tool for long term use in Locked High Rad Areas, to reduce entries and thus save time and dose. The concept for this product came from a need by a utility to monitor dose rates in steam affect Locked High Rad areas for a full 2 year fuel cycle utilizing battery power.

The new SD version of the RDS-31 monitor is expected to be able to transmit data twice a minute for a period of two years in dose rate of up to 1R/hr on battery power provided (without alarms).


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