Recovery Boilers

Kraft recovery boilers present a very challenging viewing requirement for a camera system. Mirion’s range of BEDBUG cameras utilize advanced infra-red viewing techniques to provide operators with a clear image of the smelt bed, allowing the bed profile to be accurately controlled.


Safely removes imaging systems from high temperature environments, such as cement kilns and coolers, to protect them from serious heat damage.

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High Temperature Solid State IR Camera

Lynx mid-range infra-red camera with flame penetrating capabilities. High performance and ability to see through water vapour, dust and burner flames.

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Viewing Pyrometer

Contrast expander, coloriser and pyrometer processor unit, for use with M330™, M340™ and M540™ cameras. Display and output of spot temperature.

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Calico™ 3 Dual Infrared Imaging Processor

The M610 S Calico 3 system from Mirion introduces new features and capabilities designed to enhance the ability to monitor and control our customers’ processes.

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