Remote Display

Data Radiation Monitoring Systems
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Remote Display

Data Radiation Monitoring Systems
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Remote display box for the DRM-1 line, also includes alarm speaker and lights.

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  • Gamma radiation surveillance utilizing externally connected wide range GM (10uR/h to 1200R/h) or sensitive CsI(1uR/h to 10 mR/hr) detectors.
  • Audible Buzzer and LED Alarm indicators
  • Connect up to two Remote Display Units
  • Extend Remote Display and External Detector over 500ft
  • Up to five programmable dose rate thresholds
  • WRM2™ Wireless system, Ethernet and Cellular Communication options


The DRM™ “Data Area Monitors” are the next generation of wide range gamma area radiation detection systems. The DRM system consists of various modules which are easily deployed depending on the monitoring application: detector unit, remote display, all-in detector and display unit and external battery. The DRM family integrates WRM2 Telemetry, Network connectivity, Cellular and GPS for flexibility in area radiation monitoring applications. Additional configurations include Environmental Enclosures, Solar Power, and MILSTD EMI, ESD and Temperature resistance.

DRM models include:

  • DRM-1/2 Wide Range Gamma (GM)
  • DRM-1D /2D Sensitive Detection (CsI)
  • DRM-2N Industrialized
  • DRM-2C Gamma Criticality
  • DRM-2I Source Term & Near Boundary


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