Alpha/Beta Contamination Probe
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Alpha/Beta Contamination Probe
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The SAB-32 probe for measurement of surface contamination is designed to be used with any CSP™ survey meter or any computer-based system developed within CSP environment. Its plastic/ZnS phoswich scintillation detector has a 32 cm2 detection area.

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  • Alpha/Beta surface contamination measurement
  • 32 cm2 Plastic/ZnS Phoswich scintillation detector
  • Ergonomic counting mode selector on probe body
  • Calibration via PC software
  • Robust screwed-on grid simple to decontaminate
  • Easy to change scintillator


The SAB-32 probe is the ideal tool for direct measurement of alpha and beta emitters on glove boxes, small areas and for personal self control, allowing to check worker’s arm in one pass only. Such a well-defined detection area helps to reduce the background noise and improves the Minimal Detectable Activity to better localize contamination spots. The probe body diameter has been reduced to facilitate general handling and reduce the risk of drops.

A push-button located on the probe housing selects the counting mode. When pressed, the probe switches to the next mode in a list of three and the LED is activated accordingly: alpha only – LED off, beta only – LED on and Alpha+beta – LED blinking. It is a powerful feature for the user to avoid the need to look back on the instrument when changing the mode.

Entrance grid has been optimized with ideal balance between open area and detector to grid distance to allowing good efficiency and best detector protection. It is hand screwed on the probe body and very easy to remove for decontamination or Mylar window foil replacement.

Calibration and QA measurements can be performed directly with the probe, without even using any instrument, by connecting the probe to a computer with Canberra Smart Probe Software (CSPSTM), allowing your instruments to remain deployed in the field.

It can also be connected via CSP-COM modules to integrate third party system and behave as a contamination sensor sub-assembly.

SAB-32 probe can be upgraded (probe’s firmware) via CSPS™ software, a USB cable and a PC.


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