Samplers are used for batch sampling (with or without isokinetic sampling) in normal, mild and accident-type (RG 1.97) environments to measure particulate and iodine from effluent stacks, ventilation ducts and/or working areas. In some cases dual samplers for continuous sampling are available, with or without heat tracing. The sample flow rate through the sampler is measured and totalized.

  • Available for batch or continuous sampling acquisition
  • Automatic start up in accident configuration
  • Heat tracing available when required 
  • Provided with manipulation tools and lead shielded transport cart
  • Compact and integrated unit
  • Dynamic flow rate control
  • Network capability


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Product Family Comparison

RangeQualificationDetectorExample of application
PIS 203SSampling Only 1E Qualified/Discharge stack high range
Extreme T°:
-5°C to 55°C
+23°F to +131°F
PIS 204L
PIS 205L
Sampling Only Non 1E qualifiedWith or without isokinetic sampling Aerosol stack sampler
Radwaste building aerosol sampler
Extreme T°:
0°C to 45°C
+32°F to +113°F
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