SC985 Compact Color Shielded Camera Module

Product Description

The IST-ReesTM SC985 camera module from Mirion Technologies has been specifically developed to provide a color single unit camera for Mid-Rad applications in the nuclear industry. The module provides high quality images with an exceptionally wide dynamic range and can support CS or C mount lenses. A radiation tolerance of 10 kGy (1 Mrad) is achieved by utilizing Mirion’s Dotcam HR technology, combined with innovative optics and tungsten shielding.

Product Features

  • Color Mid-Rad camera module
  • Radiation tolerant to 10 kGy (1 Mrad) 
  • Maximum dose rate 1 kGy/h (100 krad/h) 
  • 450 TV lines resolution 
  • 65 °C maximum operating temperature 
  • 4 lx minimum scene illumination 
  • C and CS mount versions 
  • Non-Browning zoom lenses available
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