Dose Record Management Software
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Dose Record Management Software
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Complete Radiological Access Control and Occupational Record Dose Management System for Nuclear Facilities.  Used by more nuclear sites than any other RP software in the world.

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  • Self-Service Radiological Access Control
  • Occupational Dose Management including Regulatory Guide 8.7 (U.S.) compliant dose reporting
  • Radiological Work Permit (RWP) Creation and Management
  • Equipment Management including Inventory, Maintenance and Calibration, Issue/Return
  • Source Management including Inventory, Services, Decay Calculation, Issue/Return
  • Respirator Management including Inventory, Issue/Return & Qual checks, and Maintenance
  • ALARA Work and Dose Tracking and Dose Budgeting
  • High Radiation Area Key Management
  • Dosimeter of Legal Record (DLR) Management including Inventory, Posting DLR Results, Comparison of DLR Results with Estimated Dose, and error control functions
  • Multiple DLR (Multipack) Management, including EDEX functions
  • Internal/External/DAC Hrs dose records management


Sentinel™ is a native Microsoft Windows® software system that operates on major database engines including Oracle® and Microsoft SQL Server®.  The system is modular and the Access Control Module and other applications may be purchased separately.


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