Silicon Lithium Si(Li) Detectors

Silicon Lithium Si(Li) detectors have a place in the market for x-ray applications next to Silicon Drifted Detectors (SDDs), such as our X-PIPS™ detectors, and low-energy germanium (LEGe™ and Ultra-LEGe™) detectors. 

SiLi Detector X-ray
Silicon Lithium Detector for X-ray Spectroscopy

Silicon Lithium X-Ray Detectors are the heart of solid state x-ray spectroscopy systems. These detectors, which are p-i-n devices formed by lithium compensation or drifting of p-type silicon, are the result of some of the most carefully controlled manufacturing processes in existence. 

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Silicon Lithium SiLi
Detectors for Charged Particles

Lithium drifted Silicon detectors to address the need for better detection efficiency for high energy charged particles. 

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