Solutions for Industrial Applications & Physics research

Specialized detectors and instrumentation for cutting-edge materials analysis, physics, space studies and other challenging applications. 

Gamma Spectroscopy Educational Products

Mirion has developed a set of experiments, focusing on various aspects of gamma-ray detection and analysis, which provides an understanding of basic to more complex nuclear physics principles.

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Special HPGe & Si(Li) Detectors

Mirion provides detectors and instrumentation used in cutting-edge materials analysis, physics, and space studies to some of the world’s leading industries and research institutes.

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Silicon Lithium Si(Li) Detectors

Silicon Lithium Si(Li) detectors for x-ray spectroscopy or for measurement of charged particles and conversion electrons.

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Passivated Implanted Planar Silicon (PIPS) Detectors

Passivated Implanted Planar Silicon (PIPS®) detectors for specialized industrial applications and physics research.

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OEM Products

While the company’s primary customer interface is direct to end-users, Mirion also offers a wide range of OEM products tailored to the requirements of the instrumentation in which they will be used.

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for Nuclear Science Experiments

Mirion has developed a set of 12 lab experiments. All of these experiments can be executed completely with the Mirion instrumentation and specialized ancillary equipment offered in the two Lab Kits

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