Special HPGe & Si(Li) Detectors

Since 1968, Mirion has been committed to the development, manufacturing and service of unique specialty detectors for international scientific experiments and also for industrial purposes. Driven by diverse needs in fundamental and applied research applications, a range of technologies has been developed that enables Mirion to maintain its technological leadership in semiconductor detector development. 

Clover™ Detectors
Four Coaxial Germanium Detectors

In the CLOVER detector assembly, the crystals are held on a minimized crystal holder to reduce the quantity of material surrounding the crystals and to improve peak to background ratio.

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Encapsulated Detectors
Encapsulated Germanium Detectors for Gamma Measurements

Encapsulation drastically enhances the germanium detector reliability. This technology is key for many applications, particularly in space, and especially if associated with Ultra High Vacuum. Encapsulated germanium detectors may be easily handled by the users.

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Ge Ruggedized

Germanium detectors represent the best choice when high resolution gamma spectroscopy is required for accurate nuclide identification and quantification.

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Segmented Coaxial

The segmented coaxial Germanium offers, in addition to the characteristics of coaxial detectors (High efficiency and excellent resolution), the potential for excellent granularity.

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Discrete and Monolithic
Germanium Array Detectors

The broad-band x-ray flux from synchrotron radiation sources has revitalized the relatively old experimental technique known as x-ray absorption spectrometry.

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Segmented Planar Germanium EGPS Series
Detectors for X and Y Ray Measurements

EGPS series is the best choice for X or gamma ray measurements in many applications such as Physics or Astrophysics experiments as well as non invasive detection or medical application.

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Stack of Two or More HPGe Detectors

Stacks of planar and coaxial, pixel or strip segmented detectors can also be mounted or associated with Si(Li), PIPS® detectors to best focus on X-ray or charged particles by vetoing the main signal, and remove any unwanted background.

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ESLX-S and LTS Detectors
Segmented Planar Silicon-Lithium Detectors for X-ray and Charged Particle Measurements

Segmentation techniques fit with all crystal designs: circular, rectangular, etc. ESLX-S detectors in a unique cryostat, offer high energy X-ray absorption or imaging capabilities.

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