SPIR-Ace™ with GenieXPort™

Radionuclide Identification Device (RID) with Spectroscopy Capability
Manufactured by: The Spectroscopy Divison
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SPIR-Ace™ with GenieXPort™

Radionuclide Identification Device (RID) with Spectroscopy Capability
Manufactured by: The Spectroscopy Division
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Adds Genie™ software compatibility and ISOCS™ Characterization to the SPIR-Ace RID for proven activity determination and reporting.

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  • Versatile use for search, detect and identification operations
  • Solves heavily shielded and unbalanced Special Nuclear Material masking scenarios
  • Simple operation with versatile alarm modes
  • Energy-stabilized (without a source), for use in variable temperatures
  • Ultra-fast and accurate compact identifier
  • Radiological performance exceeds current standards for RIIDs and RIDs
  • Live data transmission and reachback capability
  • Multiple usage scenarios: radiological security, nuclear accident, source assessment applications, in situ measurements, etc.
  • Optional external contamination alpha/beta probe
  • Option for integrated neutron detection/alarms
  • Onboard GPS for trajectory and mapping
  • Remote display and control via web browser
  • GenieXPort application provides compatibility with Genie 2000 software for proven activity determination and reporting
  • The SPIR-SPEC package also includes generic ISOCS characterization of the​ SPIR-Ace detector
  • Preloaded efficiency calibrations for easy quantification
  • Use ISOCS software to create efficiency calibrations for unique geometries that can be loaded to the device as well


The SPIR-Ace is a versatile Radionuclide Identification Device (RID) addressing all applications requiring efficient detection and identification of radiological threats and
assessment of nuclear materials for security applications, power plants, safeguards inspections, and forensic laboratories. The GenieXPort application for Genie
compatibility and ISOCS efficiency characterization allow the SPIR-Ace user to quantify radionuclide activities and uncertainties. The device, coupled with offline Genie
software, becomes a highly portable, but powerful instrument for in situ measurement applications.

The SPIR-Ace device includes active temperature stabilization and the option to add neutron detection and alarms. It also offers user-friendly and state-of-theart
features such as easy localization with directional indication, geolocalization and remote data transfer to a command center. Each application screen is viewed simply
by swiping left or right on the touch display. The SPIR-Ace device is available with a NaI detector for more efficient measurements or LaBr3 for better resolution needed with complex spectra.

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