Manufactured by: The Health Physics Divison
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Manufactured by: The Health Physics Division
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Mirion offers a line of general purpose instrumentation cabinets and workstation desks for use with our laboratory systems.

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The cabinets in the first table are primarily used for standard 48 cm (19 in.) rack mount instrumentation. To accommodate most peripherals and computer systems, cabinet depths are a standard 76 cm (30 in.). Cabinet heights range in size to accommodate single NIM bin bench top systems to standing floor units for large computer based Multichannel Analyzer Systems.

General Purpose Instrumentation Cabinets

These cabinets are finished with a light grey textured epoxy paint. All floor model cabinets require a cooling and air filtering system of the proper voltage for the location in which they will be used. For Model 5000, 5001, and 5003 Floor Cabinets, choose either a Model 5011 blower fan for 110 V installations or Model 5012 blower fan for 220 V installations. The fans provide 12 m3 (425 cubic foot) per minute cooling.

Workstation Desks

The dimensions of single- and double-pedestal workstation desks for Whole Body Counting and other applications are listed in the following table. All desks are grey and black with a white top.


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