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AIM® Advanced Information Management

Security Computer System

The AIM SCS is a unified security command-and-control platform specifically designed for critical infrastructure facilities. With a single intuitive user interface, critical infrastructure facilities can simplify operations utilizing the latest in leading-edge security technologies.

Tag Features

  • Perimeter intrusion detection
  • Scalable to meet site requirements
  • Personnel access control
  • Alarm and event processing with near real-time monitoring
  • Video surveillance management
  • GIS-enabled layered maps
  • System health displays
  • User customizable system graphics
  • Historical recording and reports
  • Built-in software and hardware fault tolerance
  • Emergency accountability
  • Biometric integration
  • Credential management
  • Visitor processing and badging
  • Vehicle access control
  • Operator session management
  • Discreet duress
  • Asset management
  • Security guard tours
  • Dual authorization (concurrence)


Intelligent and Fully Integrated Command-and-Control Solution

Critical infrastructure facilities face complex and constantly evolving threats. The need to simplify their security operations is paramount. That’s why so many of them turn to us for assistance.

Security solutions must provide operators with efficient, reliable and comprehensive oversight during both normal and emergency situations. For over 25 years, our AIM® command-and-control software solutions by Mirion (formerly Collins Aerospace), has been deployed at numerous nuclear power generation sites in the United States as well as spent fuel storage installations, military facilities, and government premises.

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