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IRM 501™

Intermediate Range Monitor Start-up Channel

Start-up channel used with gamma compensated neutron ionization chamber for ex-core neutron flux monitoring.

Tag Features

  • Qualified to perform category A functions, according to IEC 61226 and KTA 3505 (for safety related instrumentation)
  • Seismic qualification (IEEE 344 and KTA 3505)
  • LOCA proof gamma-compensated neutron ionization chamber
  • Large measurement range
  • Signal filtering with adaptive time constant
  • Calibration to neutron flux signal or reactor power (nv, %FP)
  • Calculation of the relative flux change rate (reciprocal of the reactor period) or rate of change of reactor power (in decade/min)
  • Linear and/or logarithmic analog outputs
  • Generation of analog and binary outputs for the reactor protection system
  • Built-in test signal generators (remote activation possible)
  • Optional: reactimeter


The intermediate range monitor IRM 501 unit forms part of the digital Neutron Flux Monitoring Systems (NFMS) proTK™ product line. It is used, in combination with a gamma-compensated, neutron ionization chamber, (B-10 detector) for ex-core neutron flux monitoring in the intermediate range. The associated processing DAK 250-g unit, has been designed and is qualified (in hardware and software) to meet category A requirements, applicable at the level of the reactor protection system.

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