Tool & Object Monitoring

Tool and small object monitors are used for quick screening of tools and other objects for radioactive contamination. These monitors vary in size and chamber volume to accommodate different types of objects and various applications.

Small Objects Monitor

The CPO-Smart® monitor performs contamination checks and clearance of small objects in controlled areas of Nuclear Power Plants.

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Large Items Contamination Check

Large Object Monitor for control of contamination at entrance and exit of Nuclear Power Plants.

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Gamma Object/Tool Monitor

Cronos®-1 Gamma Object/Tool Monitor is an extremely sensitive instrument used to detect radioactivity on small articles such as notebooks, keys, tools, hard hats, and other miscellaneous objects.

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Cronos-4 and Cronos-11
Gamma Object/Tool Monitors

Cronos®-4 and Cronos®-11 Gamma Object/Tool Monitors are extremely sensitive instruments used to detect gamma radiation in/on articles such as waste bags, tools, briefcases, hard hats, and other miscellaneous objects.

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Tool and Object Monitor

The TOM system is a reliable and fast monitor for release measurements of various objects such as tools and small items. The chamber is 40x50x40 cm and items cannot exceed 50 kg.

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Mobile Clearance Monitor

The TOM-i monitor provides quick, automated scanning of small items and tools.

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