Waste Management

Mirion offers a full range of measurement solutions to meet your site characterization needs. From portable instruments to automated systems, we deliver sophisticated tools and world-class expertise to solve your most demanding nuclear measurement challenges.

Combined Neutron - Gamma Systems

Mirion offers combined gamma/neutron assay, systems to measure containers ranging from non-packaged waste to vehicles.

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Measurement & Expertise Services

Our experts provide services to measure and analyze nuclear materials. Our team ensures the quality of results, offer innovative solutions to meet your needs and the safety of your site.

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NDA Systems

Our Non Destructive Assay systems measure the radioactivity content of containers of radioactive waste or fuels, or contaminated items.  Measurements are conducted in a non-intrusive manner whereby the radiation emissions are measured without requiring the container to be opened or the item to be physically altered.

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Measurement & Expertise

Partnering with you for more efficient and cost-effective nuclear measurements.


From the Learning Center

Radiation Safety Basics

Radiation can be frightening, even though it is a part of our natural environment and the risks from radiation are well-understood and (usually) easily managed. Radiation and radioactivity were discovered in the closing years of the 19thcentury; humanity has over a century of experience working with radiation, and we have learned to use it safely. 

Application Notes

Mirion offers a wide variety of literature pertaining to specific applications of its technology and products. Click below to read more or use our search engine to locate an application note of interest. You will be linked to a downloadable PDF version.