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Educational Discount Program



This special discount program is designed to help our academic customers who are modernizing or expanding their nuclear measurements programs and is available to educational institutions only. Consult your Mirion Spectroscopy Division Sales Representative.


Digital Signal Analyzers

Code: EDUC-001 – 30% Discount

Lynx®-MCA or DSA-LX® Digital Signal Analyzers available at 30% discount from Mirion FY 2019 list prices.


Osprey® Package 

Code: EDUC-011 – 30% Discount

Osprey-DTB or Osprey-ProSpect at 30% discount from Mirion FY 2019 list prices.
Note: Discount applies to the Model Osprey-DTB Digital Tubebase MCA by itself or as the Osprey-ProSpect package only. 


Spectroscopy Software

Code: EDUC-002 – 50% Discount

ProSpect® and Genie™ spectroscopy software at 50% discount from Mirion FY 2019 list prices. Choose from the list below:

  • S600C ProSpect Gamma 
  • Spectroscopy Software
  • S500C, S520C, S502C and/or S511C 
  • Genie Basic or Right to Copy Software
  • S501C Genie 2000 Gamma Analysis Software
  • S505C Quality Assurance Software
  • S506C Interactive Peak Fit Software


HPGe Detectors 

Code: EDUC-003 – 25% Discount

HPGe Detectors at 25% discount from Mirion FY 2019 list prices including: 

  • Broad Energy Germanium Detectors with 2,000 mm2 to 3,800 mm2 area (BE20XX – BE38XX)
  • GC series Coaxial Detectors with 20 to 40% relative efficiency (GC20XX – GC40XX)
  • Cryo-Pulse® 5 Plus Electrically Cooled Cryostat (CP5-Plus) for use with above detectors

Note: This discount applies to the entire standard detector configuration but does not apply to special or customized detectors or detector modifications /services. CP5-Plus and any cryostat options must be purchased with an EDUC-003 HPGe Detector on the same purchase order for the discount to apply.



CZT Detectors and MCAs

Code: EDUC-005 – 25% Discount 

CZT Detectors/MCAs at 25% discount from Mirion FY 2019 list prices including:

  • GR1-EDU GR1-A Advanced CZT Gamma-Ray Spectrometer with MCX I/O ports
  • ISXCZT-GR1 Generic ISOCS Characterization for the GR1 Family
  • LAB CPG-EDU Lab CPG (10 x 10 x 10)  1000 mm3 CZT Detector


Lab Kits

Code: EDUC-LK – 30% Discount

Lab Kits for the Nuclear Science Experiments with Digital Electronics Laboratory Manual at 30% discount from Mirion FY 2019 list prices. The Kits include:

  • LABKIT-Basic: Starter kit for Experiments 1-5
  • LABKIT-Advanced: Supplement to the starter kit to complete Experiments 6-12


Act quickly to receive the maximum benefit from the program!

To expedite order processing and ensure that your discount is applied, please refer to the appropriate code on your quotation or purchase order. 

These discounts may not be combined with other promotions or trade-in offers.