Detection and Measurement Division Support

(Support for legacy Canberra products)


One of the major considerations involved in the decision to purchase electronic equipment is the quality and availability of support services. Mirion enjoys the finest reputation for service in the industry and is dedicated not only to maintaining it, but constantly improving it.

Customer U.S. Services Hotline: 1-800-255-6370

The only number you need to know for software and hardware support, training, field services or special services. If your problem cannot be resolved over the telephone, a field service engineer can be scheduled to visit your site.

To guarantee maximum available use of your system, Mirion provides technical support when you need it...

  • With our Staff of over 20 Field Service Engineers
  • Toll Free Telephone Support with in-house Technical Engineers
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance Visits


At Mirion, we understand the need for reliable customer service to fit your schedule. Mirion offers site-specific contracts to meet your requirements, as well as a variety of standard contract options.

Do you have a product that needs repairs?

Do you need to send a CANBERRA product in to be calibrated?

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Mirion Field Services and Repair offers the following wide range of programs and services designed to satisfy the needs of our varied customer base:

  • On-site maintenance agreements for system users who require the highest level of service.
  • Extended Warranty agreements for customers who desire a rapid response, low cost, fixed fee repair service.
  • Standard return-to-factory service options (repair and calibration).
  • An optional priority repair service for urgent repair situations.
  • Start-up Assistance.
  • A full line of quality replacement parts for customers who elect to maintain their own equipment.
  • System Installation and Familiarization services.


Remote Support available via TeamViewer

Let one of our Tech Support specialists guide you through a solution to your issue right on your desktop. Click here for more information on this great Support tool.



All Software and Documentation Updates Released

Software Support customers receive the latest software and documentation updates released by Mirion for each of their systems covered by a Software Support Agreement. All shipping and media costs are included in the annual Software Support Agreement. 

To qualify for an annual Software Support Agreement, the software packages licensed on each system must be at the current revision levels supported by Mirion. If not, a one-time software and documentation update must be purchased for each system.

To ensure software compatibility between existing software applications on each system and future updates, you will be required to purchase software support for all software applications licensed on your system.

Unlimited Toll-Free Telephone Support 

Toll-free telephone support is provided at no additional cost for all Mirion systems supported by an annual Software Support Agreement. This service is available during normal Mirion business hours and does not include weekends or scheduled Mirion holidays. This service provides immediate contact with a trained software support representative who can quickly respond to your request for assistance. The only information required when calling Mirion's toll-free telephone support line is the system’s “96-xxxx” or “97-xxxx” number. This number is a unique ID number assigned to each customer system.

Media and Documentation Updates for Each System

Mirion software support includes separate media and documentation updates for each system supported. This ensures that all systems supported receive identical software distributions approved by the Mirion Quality Assurance Department and that documentation sets are readily available at each system for telephone support. Each software update includes detailed release notes describing the modifications incorporated into each software program.

Immediate Notification of Critical Software Problems

Mirion will immediately notify all customers with a licensed software package that is affected by a critical software problem. Notifications are mailed to the designated system manager and include a description of the problem and programs affected. When applicable, temporary “work-around” solutions are provided with each notice. These notices are generated (but not limited to) the following cases: 

  • Program output values appear reasonable, but are incorrect.
  • Internal data files are being altered or corrupted.
  • Program will not execute correctly under certain conditions.


For software issues that do not constitute a critical problem, Mirion will issue a Software Services Bulletin (SSB). This notice conveys relevant technical information used to correct or clarify (a) misleading or incorrect documentation, or (b) the operation of a particular software application.

Logging of All Customer Support Calls 

The logging of all customer support calls allows Mirion to maintain an on-line database of all calls logged through the Software Service Department. This provides a quick problem response by allowing Mirion support personnel to access similar information for previously entered questions or problems. This information is invaluable since the questions are based on customer “hands-on” operational experience with our software and systems.

Remote Assistance 

Depending on your remote assistance access security requirements, we can remotely access your system in order to provide software and hardware technical setup assistance.

Please contact Mirion’s Meriden Technical support facility at 1-800-255-6370 from 8:00AM EST – 5:00PM EST for assistance.

Software Performance Reporting (SPR) System 

Mirion provides two mechanisms for reporting software problems or requesting enhancements:

  • The Mirion toll-free software support telephone number.
  • The postage paid SPR form supplied by Mirion.


All customer submitted SPR’s are reviewed on a daily basis and filed in the Software Service Department. This daily review ensures that any critical software problem submitted is given immediate attention. All submitted SPR’s of a non-critical nature are periodically reviewed and classified by CANBERRA. These SPR’s are then used to schedule all software maintenance and enhancements to existing software packages.

Software Support for Mirion Supplied 3rd Party Software 

Software support can be provided for 3rd party software applications supplied by Mirion. This support provides toll-free telephone assistance and all software and documentation updates released during the support period. Mirion will provide all applicable 3rd party software support telephone numbers and required access codes. Software support calls for 3rd party software can be coordinated through the Mirion Software Service Department.

Optional On-Site Software Installation and System Management Services 

Mirion can provide software support specialists to perform the on-site software installation of all Mirion software updates. The support specialist can also assist with the resolution of analytical problems and provide system management services to ensure an optimum level of system performance.

Optional Database Administration Services 

Mirion has support staff trained in the use and maintenance of ORACLE, INGRES, and MS ACCESS available to provide support services for your database. This support may be via phone, modem, on-site, or a combination of all three. These services are designed to maximize the availability and performance of each customer’s database. Please contact the Software Service Department for pricing options.

Optional 24 Hour Response/7 Days Per Week Support

Mirion can provide off-hours access to product knowledgeable personnel for support during emergency or critical situations. This service provides access to phone numbers for "beepers" and cellular phones carried by our programming support staff.