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Occupational Dosimetry

Dosimetry Services is an innovator in the radiation monitoring industry, providing revolutionary products that keep people safe from harmful radiation exposure. Our X-ray badges are designed for unmatched effectiveness and cost savings—from traditional TLDs to ground-breaking Instadose® devices—so you can trust your work environment will be free from the damaging effects of ionizing radiation.
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Instadose®VUE Wireless Dosimeter

The Instadose®VUE wirelessly transmits radiation dose exposure anywhere, anytime, as often as needed, providing fast exposure reporting and status feedback.

Dose managment platform

Account Management Portal

Login to your Instadose account for instant access to your dose readings.

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Instadose®VUE Wireless Dosimeter

Photon + Beta + Neutron

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USB-Compatible, On-Demand Dosimeter


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