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Nuclear Power Operations & Radiation Protection

Nuclear power plant operators successfully manage many radiation safety challenges during the plant's operating lifetime, including controlling and limiting personnel exposure, waste management, regulatory compliance, emergency preparedness, outage planning, and RCA access control. Ensuring the safety and reliability of these facilities requires a strong commitment to radiation safety and continuous improvement — which Mirion is proud to be a part of.
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Comprehensive radiation safety solutions for nuclear power plants.

Dose Management

Radiation dose management is a critical aspect of radiation safety in nuclear power plants, ensuring workers are protected from harmful levels of ionizing radiation and that ALARA principles are upheld. Challenges include accurately monitoring and recording exposure, complying with regulatory limits, maintaining equipment, managing internal and external exposure, protecting workers in high-exposure areas, and providing regular training and education. Mirion’s leading electronic dosimetry, telemetry and dose management software systems provide accurate readings and real-time data to keep workers safe and operations running smoothly.

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Radiologically Controlled Area Monitoring & Access Management

Radiologically Controlled Areas (RCAs) are areas in a nuclear power plant where radioactive materials are present and where you will find radiation/high radiation areas as well as contamination areas. Proper monitoring of RCAs is essential to ensure that personnel remain within the recommended exposure limits and any necessary mitigation measures are taken when appropriate. Mirion's solutions provide continuous monitoring of RCA entry and exit points, detailed reports of personnel movement within the area, and dosimeter activation and verification checkpoints. When conditions change, Mirion’s telemetry systems provide real-time data from personnel, area and air monitors to alert operators and protect workers.

Contamination & Clearance Monitoring

Contamination and clearance monitors are critical tools in ensuring radiation safety in nuclear power plants. Contamination monitors detect radioactive material on surfaces, equipment, and clothing, while clearance monitors detect radioactive contamination on equipment, materials, and workers. Both types of monitors help ensure that workers are protected from the spread of radioactive materials and that and that the facility is in compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Radiochemistry Count Rooms

In radiochemistry count rooms at nuclear power plants, samples of reactor coolant, effluent, and other process streams are analyzed for the presence and concentrations of radioactive isotopes and other chemical constituents. Highly sensitive detection equipment, such as gamma spectrometers and liquid scintillation counters, are used to identify and quantify radioactive materials. These analyses help maintain optimal reactor chemistry, ensure regulatory compliance, and detect potential leaks or issues that could impact plant safety and efficiency. In addition, recent advances in continuous spectroscopic monitoring with Mirion’s Data Analyst product provide significant reductions in sample time and sample acquisition in the field.

Instrument Maintenance and Calibrations

Inadequate maintenance and calibration of radiation measurement instruments can result in false readings, leading to incorrect decisions about worker exposure, waste handling, and the release of radioactive materials into the environment. Mirion provides comprehensive maintenance and calibration services for radiation detection instruments, including surveys to check instrument accuracy, preventive maintenance to keep equipment functioning properly, and corrective maintenance to repair instruments when needed.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness is a fundamental part of any nuclear power plant’s safety system. The emergency plans at a nuclear power plant are established to reduce the impact of accidents and reduce the public's exposure to radiation through protective measures. If a radiation emergency occurs, plant personnel will assess the situation and advise state and local government agencies on the appropriate protective actions to take. Mirion offers a full suite of solutions for each stage of the emergency response process.

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Outage Planning

A nuclear power plant outage is a complex process that involves multiple systems, teams and an array of equipment. The objective of an outage is to perform planned maintenance, refuel the reactor, and upgrade equipment as rapidly as possible while ensuring that the plant remains safe and secure. Outages require careful planning, coordination, and execution, as well as strict adherence to regulatory requirements, safety procedures, and security protocols. Mirion enhances outage planning and execution with the Orion RTLS platform, enabling real-time location tracking of assets, instruments and people, overlayed with live mapping of radiological conditions, alerts and exclusion zones.

Expert Staffing, Training and Device Simulation

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Radiological measurements are crucial for the safe operation of nuclear facilities, but managing a dedicated staff for a comprehensive radiological measurement program can be expensive and time-consuming. Mirion offers a diverse range of solutions to address nuclear measurement applications, projects, and staffing needs, including system installation, calibration, consulting, and tailored service agreements. With an international support organization comprising experienced scientists, engineers, operators, health physicists, and technicians, Mirion helps clients overcome nuclear measurement challenges at their sites.

Training simulation

Simulator devices for radiation measurement offer numerous benefits for experts, including a risk-free environment to practice and refine their skills in detecting, analyzing, and responding to radiological measurements. These devices enable realistic and immersive training scenarios, improving the preparedness and response capabilities of radiation measurement professionals in real-world situations. Additionally, simulator devices facilitate continuous learning and adaptation to evolving technologies and methodologies, ensuring experts remain up-to-date and proficient in their field.

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