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Our products and services enable applications that benefit the health, safety, vitality, and technological progress of humanity.
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Innovation, Quality & Safety

For more than 60 years, we have delivered products and services that enable our customers to harness ionizing radiation for applications that benefit the health, safety, and technological progress of humanity. Operating in heavily regulated industries, we focus on creating high-quality, long-lasting products that adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

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Product Innovation

As a leading provider of radiation safety products and services across industrial, scientific research, and medical industries, we continually look for ways to further technological advances that safeguard workers, broader communities, and the environment.

Product Quality & Safety

Safety is of crucial importance at every stage of product design and development. We comply with all applicable safety regulations as well as with testing, labeling, monitoring, and external audit requirements across both the nuclear and medical sectors.

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Through our service to the Nuclear Power industry, we enable the development of low-carbon technology, playing a direct role in the clean energy transition.

Explore Our Products & Services

Products focused on addressing critical radiation safety, measurement and analysis, including applications across:

  • nuclear energy;
  • defense;
  • laboratories and research; and
  • other industrial markets

Products focused on enhancing the effectiveness and safety of life-saving procedures, including:

  • medical diagnostics;
  • cancer treatment; and
  • practitioner safety
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Supply Chain Management

At Mirion, we expect our suppliers to deliver zero-fault quality and will not accept any defective supplies or supplies presenting safety issues. We hold our supply chain partners and sales channel partners to strict ethical, labor, and human rights standards.


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