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Thermal Power and Auxiliary Boilers

Operating in extreme heat environments, thermal power and fossil fuel boiler operators face considerable challenges to keep process efficiency at its peak. High-temperature imaging systems from Mirion can provide the real-time temperature data and visualization you need for improved performance at every turn.

Keep Your Plant Running Smoothly

With Mirion's high-temperature cameras, plant operations can be closely monitored to prevent the accumulation of dangerous unburned particulates. By having real-time visibility into operations, preventative and mitigation efforts can be taken promptly, so potential issues don't become costly delays.

Machine room in thermal power plant with electric generators and turbines

Our specialized imaging systems can help you:

  • Monitor Super Heater Tubes
    Avoid costly damage and hazardous situations resulting from tube blockages. Be vigilant in monitoring any build-up inside your tubes to ensure efficient energy transmission for a secure operation.
  • Prevent Burners Issues
    Avoid tube leaks and shutdowns by ensuring your burners stay lit through the ignition process and minimizing flame impingement.
  • Avoid Missing Clogs in Ash Hoppers
    Monitor hoppers for clogs, so that if and when they occur, you can take corrective action quickly.
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Minimize Downtime with Dependable Service

We prioritize rapid service, so you can return to normal operations when unexpected shutdowns occur. No matter if you need repairs or require an on-site visit from one of our qualified technicians, we ensure quick turnaround with products and replacement parts always at the ready.

Invest in a Solution That Will Last

When you need dependable performance in the most extreme environments, Mirion cameras stand up to scorching temperature extremes. Built with long-term endurance and reliability in mind, they are your trusted solution for lasting results for decades to come.

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Products & Systems

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Lynx® High Temperature Black and White IR Camera Series



Lynx® High Temperature Color Camera Series

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Lynx® High Temperature Color Camera Series

M215 spyrometer

M215 S™

Spyrometer® 4 Dual Imaging IR Pyrometer Processor

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