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Cancer Care

As the global population ages and the incidence of cancer continues to rise, advancing new treatments and ensuring safety is more important than ever. With our deep expertise in radiation measurement and safety, we partner with hospitals and cancer centers to advance safety and enhance the delivery of cancer care.
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Mirion is committed to supporting cancer care through our comprehensive range of solutions for radiation therapy, theranostics, radiopharmaceutical production and nuclear medicine.

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From Disease Diagnosis to Patient Treatment

See how Mirion’s expertise in radiation measurement and medicine is advancing The Science of Better™ at every stage of care.

Radiation therapy cancer care

Radiation Therapy

We support advanced patient and machine QA, as well as dosimetry. Our global training, service and support programs help ease new technology adoption, enhance workflows and improve patient safety.

Diagnostic imaging cancer care

Diagnostic Imaging

In support of clear detection and diagnosis of cancer, our diagnostic imaging solutions enable accurate, comprehensive QA of applications including CT, MRI, ultrasound and mammography.

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Advancing Theranostics

Our solutions enable isotope producers and radiopharmaceutical manufacturers to overcome safety barriers that restrict alpha emitter production, increasing availability and accelerating innovation, adoption, and growth of these treatments.

Radiopharmaceutical production cancer care

Radiopharmaceutical Production

As radiopharmaceuticals transform healthcare by improving early diagnosis and patient outcomes, Mirion remains committed to partnering with our Radiopharmaceutical production customers to enable continued innovation while maintaining radiation safety standards.

Nuclear Medicine

We empower better, safer diagnosis and treatment by enhancing safety and efficiency for technologists and physicists through trusted nuclear medicine solutions.

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Occupational dosimetry cancer care

Occupational Dosimetry

By offering both passive and active dose of record solutions, Mirion enables accurate tracking of personnel radiation exposure, ensuring worker safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

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