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Steel and Aluminum Furnaces

Get the most accurate data from even the harshest conditions. Mirion's water-cooled cameras provide dependable insights into operations, no matter how hot it gets — even in sweltering taconite kilns.
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Minimize Downtime, Maximize Up-Time

Continuous surveillance of your operations is key to enhancing efficiency and avoiding costly delays in daily processes. Should something arise, you will be equipped to take immediate action due to a comprehensive, real-time understanding of what's happening inside your furnaces.

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Invest in a Quality Solution

Investing in a quality furnace camera is essential to prevent losing money and time due to damaged equipment. Mirion cameras provide long-term endurance when exposed to extreme heat, so you can rely on them for lasting performance even under the harshest conditions.

Replace Broken and Damaged Parts Quickly

Our full-service support team is here to assist you with all your camera-related needs. We can replace and repair the cameras, as well as provide your team with detailed instructions on how to make basic repairs yourselves — allowing for a quick return to operation.

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Lynx® High Temperature Color Camera Series

M535 001


Lynx® High Temperature Color Camera Series

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