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CBRN Defense

Invest in radiation detection equipment that’s purpose-built for counterterrorism and defense. At Mirion, we have more than 60 years of experience in the field — and a proven track record of accurate, reliable technology.
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Force Protection

In the event of a radiological emergency, time and accuracy are crucial elements necessary to make informed decisions about how to deploy your forces. With Mirion radiation detection solutions, you can monitor the radiation that your teams are exposed to in real-time — and determine how you’re going to respond in real-time, too.

Ship at sea

At Sea

From measuring crew dose accumulation to monitoring real-time nuclear radiation hazards within and outside of ships, Mirion offers an entire suite of solutions for naval shipboard monitoring.

On Land

Protecting military vehicles from radiological threats is crucial to ensure the safety and effectiveness of military personnel on the battlefield. Radiation exposure can cause serious harm to both humans and equipment and can compromise mission success.


Products & Systems

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