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Industrial & Commercial

Mirion equips professionals with the tools and expertise they need to measure radiological data in a variety of environments, safely. From deep underground mining operations to hazardous manufacturing facilities or beyond Earth itself — we enable experts across industries to acquire accurate readings and perform scientific analysis of ionizing radiation in any scenario.

High-Temperature Environments

Gain a real-time view of your boilers and furnaces to remain proactive in preventing costly delays, providing you with the assurance that 24/7 video monitoring brings. With Mirion's high-temperature imaging equipment, you can realize peak performance no matter the environment.

Worker driller oil well

Oil & Gas

From monitoring drilling fluids for radioactive contaminants and measuring the level of radioactive material present in produced water, precision-optimized radiation detection equipment provides a vital layer of protection by revealing harmful levels of radiation at worksites — ensuring workers remain safe while on the job. Mirion's specialized radiation detection equipment provides operators with a reliable solution for both safety and operational purposes.


Safely explore and process ore, as well as manage waste. Easily pinpoint mineral deposits underground, monitor the quality of ore, and detect potential safety hazards such as harmful levels of radiation in mines. Mirion has the equipment and expertise to offer specialized solutions that are tailor-made for the mining industry.

Mining ore rocks


Measure the level of radiation in the environment to identify contaminated sites and the assessment of the impact of radiation on the environment. Nuclear radiation detection equipment can be used to monitor radiation levels in water bodies, air, and soil, ensuring that environmental contamination is detected promptly. The equipment can help ensure the safety of workers in the environmental industry by detecting harmful levels of radiation in the workplace. Precision nuclear radiation detection equipment like Mirion offers is a key component in the environmental industry, as it provides accurate and reliable information about the presence of radioactive materials in the environment, facilitating the management and remediation of environmental contamination, and ensuring worker safety.

Commercial technology

Commercial Technology

Ensure the safety of products, workers, and the environment. Specialized nuclear radiation detection equipment can detect traces of radioactive material in products, safeguarding consumers and helping protect against environmental contamination. It also monitors air and water quality and identifies any potentially dangerous levels of radiation at commercial technological facilities. Mirion provides products and services that are essential to maintaining the safety and innovative quality of commercial technologies.

Manufacturing facility


When manufacturing companies work with radioactive materials, precise radiation detection equipment is critical to maintain employee safety, ensure product quality, increase production efficiency, and simplify regulatory compliance requirements. Specialty detectors from Mirion help you realize these benefits, which in turn drive down manufacturing costs without compromising your performance or safety standards.

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