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Ergonomics & Injury Prevention

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) are all too common in sonography. Biodex™ ultrasound tables are designed to minimize injury and maximize comfort without sacrificing image quality during ultrasound, echocardiography and vascular procedures.

Quality imaging in a safe, comfortable environment.

Our ultrasound tables provide exceptional ergonomics to prevent injury and enable sonographers to do their job safely, efficiently and accurately.

The Cost of WRMSDs

Research indicates that 90% of sonographers experience symptoms of WRMSDs at some point in their career. When gone unaddressed, these injuries can take a significant toll on both staff and employers.

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80% of sonographers scan in pain. Of those, 20% suffer career-ending injuries.

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Those affected may no longer be able to work or perform simple everyday tasks.

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Source: SDMS.org

WRMSDs can cost employers up to $120 billion in direct and indirect costs.

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We listened to customer feedback and designed our ultrasound tables with safety and comfort as a priority in order to help prevent the impacts of WRMSDs.

How do Biodex Tables Help Prevent Injuries?

We provide a variety of ultrasound and echocardiography tables with features designed to reduce the risk of sonographer injury while keeping the patient comfortable.

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Close Patient Access

All of our ultrasound tables feature an open chassis design and drop down cardiac cushion, allowing for close roll-in patient access to mitigate arm fatigue and motion injury.

Simplified Patient Positioning

Our tables feature a variety of movement options, including Fowler positioning and Trendelenburg motions, saving time and effort by allowing sonographers to easily position patients.

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All tables have motorized height adjustment for smoother wheelchair transfers.

Adjustable Height Support

The adjustable foot support on select tables makes access to patients of various heights more comfortable for the sonographer, particularly for vascular studies and procedures requiring an upright position.

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The Biodex team is proud to be a sponsor of WRMSD research with the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Products & Systems

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Echo/Vasc Pro™

Vascular Echocardiography Table

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