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Nuclear power worker

From R&D labs, to critical nuclear facilities, and on the front lines, we provide proven radiation safety technologies that operate at the highest levels of precision, and deliver trusted expertise that empowers our customers to solve problems and enable breakthrough innovation.

Mirion Technologies Product Line Brands

These trusted brands are part of the Mirion Technologies product line portfolio.

Mirion medical

At Mirion Medical, we drive The Science of Better. From diagnosis through treatment, we partner with medical professionals to enhance the delivery and ensure the safety of healthcare.

Biodex part of mirion medical logo

Made Better to Support Better Patient Care

Through incomparable engineering and user-focused design, we enhance the value of your table investment, helping you deliver a quality imaging experience for years to come.

Capintec svg mirion medical

Empowering Better, Safer Diagnosis & Treatment

Our Nuclear Medicine products better the human condition by protecting people from exposure during potentially life-saving diagnosis and therapy.

Dosimetry services mirion medical

Delivering Better Tools for Safer Workspaces

Our Dosimetry products and services better the human condition by removing the worry of radiation from the daily routines of those who are occupationally exposed.

Sun nuclear mirion medical

Powering Better Quality Management for Better Care

Our Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy solutions services enhance the checks and balances that keep cancer treatment safe, effective, and ever-improving.