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Radiopharmaceutical Production

As radiopharmaceuticals transform healthcare by improving early diagnosis and patient outcomes, Mirion remains committed to partnering with our Radiopharmaceutical production customers to enable continued innovation while maintaining radiation safety standards.
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Comprehensive, cutting-edge radiation safety solutions and quality control for the radiopharmaceutical production value chain, ensuring product integrity, personnel safety, and regulatory compliance.

Pharmaceutical production

Sample Preparation and Assay

Mirion provides dose calibrators and gamma well counters for accurate source assay, along with physical protection, shields, furniture, and accessories that facilitate safe sample storage, preparation, and shipment, ensuring product integrity and reducing potential hazards.

Radiation Protection

Mirion's contamination and clearance monitors, electronic dosimetry with optional telemetry and dose tracking, and survey meters help protect personnel and objects from radiation exposure. Additionally, laboratory and portable systems for low background alpha/beta measurements contribute to maintaining a secure work environment.

Precision lab measurements
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Discover a Wide Range of Safety Solutions

By offering comprehensive solutions throughout the medical isotope lifecycle, Mirion plays a pivotal role in realizing the future promise of personalized and targeted diagnostic and therapeutic solutions. We offer radiation safety solutions across a wide range of isotopes, including: Ac-225​​, Ra-223​, I-131​, F-18, Tc-99m (Mo99)​, Lu-177​, Y-90​, Ga-68 / Ga-66​, Sr-85/Sr-82​, and Pb-212.​

Radiation Hardened Cameras

Mirion's surveillance cameras are designed for use in hot cells, linear accelerators, and high-resolution inspection scenarios. Mirion facilitates remote monitoring and inspection, ensuring equipment and process reliability while minimizing radiation exposure risks.

Environmental and Safety

Mirion's area monitors with interlocks, air monitors for radioactive particulate monitoring, and effluent measurements for stacks help maintain a safe working environment, comply with regulations, and minimize environmental impacts.

Occupational dosimetry

Occupational Dosimetry

By offering both passive and active dose of record solutions, Mirion enables accurate tracking of personnel radiation exposure, ensuring worker safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Genesis tld bp dosimeter front of assembled dosimeter label

Genesis Ultra TLD-BP™ TLD Dosimeter

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter

Scientist in radiopharma lab

Quality Control Laboratory

Mirion offers laboratory and portable instrumentation for gamma spectroscopy that complies with US FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 regulations, as well as continuous gamma spectroscopy systems for real-time, in-situ nuclide identification and monitoring, ensuring product quality and regulatory adherence. For optimum purity and quality production, gamma spectroscopic and low background alpha/beta counting solutions for laboratory and in-situ applications quickly and accurately analyze in-process and environmental samples​.

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