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Cement and Rotary Kilns

By constantly monitoring the kiln's internal operations from the control room, operators can stay ahead of any potential issues due to ring buildup or blockages and keep operations at the ideal temperature. Our cameras feature built-in pyrometers that offer a combined visual representation and temperature readings, allowing for heightened transparency into your daily operations.
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Produce Top Quality Cement with Exact Temperature Control

Ensure your cement production is up to standard with real-time temperature data and visual displays. Get the perfect chemical composition, consistency, and uniformity by monitoring temperatures closely using our advanced imaging systems.

Recover Heat from the Grate Cooler

Mirion Spyrometer® systems and cameras can be used to measure temperatures across the grate cooler, optimizing heat recovery performance and identifying potential mechanical issues like red rivers or snowman formations. A substantial portion of heat can be recovered during the process to maximize the effectiveness of this essential system.

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Cement factory

Realize Efficiency and Durability in One

Optimize your process performance with confidence. Our comprehensive surveillance systems feature patented pyrometers that measure temperature and transmit temperature data to the control room. Plus, our air-cooled systems can withstand higher operating temperatures, and one imaging system retracts from dangerous conditions if temperatures get too high or plant resources are interrupted.

Meet Sustainability Standards

Take the initiative to produce more sustainable cement by utilizing our camera systems' sophisticated pyrometers. These measuring devices enable you to confidently heat your plant’s kiln to optimal temperatures, reducing carbon emissions and conserving fuel — helping make a positive impact on our environment.

Reduce Downtime and Get Back to Business, Fast

Mirion's top-tier support teams are ready to act the moment you need them, ensuring your operations remain at full capacity. With replacement parts always on-hand and fast response times — days, not weeks — long delays due to damaged products will be a thing of the past. Partner with us for unparalleled service in hot and challenging conditions.



Lynx® High Temperature Color Camera Series

M535 001


Lynx® High Temperature Color Camera Series

M215 spyrometer

M215 S™

Spyrometer® 4 Dual Imaging IR Pyrometer Processor

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