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By integrating cutting-edge technology, precision engineering, and industry-leading expertise, we provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability in the detection, measurement, and analysis of radioactive isotopes. With a commitment to safety, efficiency, and innovation, Mirion's comprehensive solutions empower laboratories to confidently handle and analyze radioactive materials, while ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. Discover how our state-of-the-art Spectroscopy and Scientific analysis systems and Health Physics Instrumentation can elevate your laboratory's capabilities and enhance your radiation safety protocols today.
Sceintific research

Mirion Technologies delivers cutting-edge radiation safety and science solutions, providing laboratories with unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and compliance.

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Radiation Protection & Dose Management

In laboratory settings, health physics, dose management, and radiation protection solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of personnel and the environment. These solutions involve monitoring and controlling radiation exposure through the use of personal dosimeters, area monitors, and shielding materials. Additionally, they provide guidelines for handling radioactive materials, establishing contamination control procedures, and maintaining regulatory compliance to minimize potential risks associated with ionizing radiation.

Precision Measurements & Radioisotope Analysis

In laboratory and research settings, high-purity germanium detectors and other specialty detectors offer exceptional energy resolution and detection efficiency, making them indispensable for gamma spectroscopy and the identification of complex isotopic mixtures. Alpha/beta counting systems provide sensitive and accurate measurements of alpha and beta particles, enabling researchers to assess radioactivity levels, contamination, and environmental monitoring. Specialty detector systems, designed to meet specific needs, further enhance the capabilities of research facilities by enabling the detection and analysis of low-energy X-rays, low-level gamma emissions, and neutron radiation in various applications, including materials science and nuclear physics.

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Simplify Spectroscopic Data Acquisition & Storage

Versatile, automated, robust — the Data Analyst™ platform operates completely unattended for continuous sequence of quantitative gamma assays, or can be remotely triggered for spectral acquisition and analysis. Learn how it can support a range of laboratory applications.

Particle accelerator

Nuclear, Radiological & Particle Physics Research

Mirion Spectroscopy and Scientific Analysis solutions offer exceptional energy resolution, making them invaluable in nuclear, radiological, and advanced particle physics research applications. Alpha/beta counting systems are employed to measure and analyze radioactive decay, enabling researchers to investigate nuclear reactions, environmental radioactivity, and radiation protection protocols. Specialty detector systems, tailored to specific experimental requirements, facilitate advanced research in fields like neutrino physics, dark matter searches, and high-energy particle detection at large-scale facilities such as synchrotrons and collider experiments.

Radioactive area labeling

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness in nuclear and radiological laboratory settings is crucial to protect personnel, the public, and the environment from potential hazards. Challenges include anticipating and planning for a diverse range of incidents, such as accidental releases of radioactive materials, criticality events, fires, or natural disasters, which could disrupt operations or cause contamination. Being prepared with robust safety protocols, effective communication channels, and thorough training of personnel ensures a swift and coordinated response, minimizing the consequences of an emergency and maintaining the integrity of both ongoing research and public confidence in nuclear and radiological safety.

Collecting environmental sample

Environmental Cleanup and Waste Management (D&D)

The decontamination and decommissioning (D&D) of a nuclear site is a complex process executed in multiple stages over an extended period to guarantee the secure removal of radioactive substances and the ultimate repurposing or unrestricted use of the site. The D&D process encompasses several critical steps, and Mirion offers an all-encompassing array of tools, services, and expertise to support the safe and efficient dismantling of a facility through solutions for worker safety, environmental monitoring and in-situ measurement systems.

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Gas-less Automatic Alpha/Beta Counting System

Pharmaceutical production

Radioisotope Production

Radioisotope production presents unique challenges, including the need for stringent quality control measures to ensure the purity and consistency of isotopes for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. The short half-lives of many medical radioisotopes necessitate rapid production, transportation, and usage to maximize their efficacy, posing logistical and scheduling difficulties. Lastly, the handling, storage, and disposal of radioactive materials throughout the production process require strict adherence to safety protocols and regulatory compliance to protect personnel, the public, and the environment.

Expert Staffing and Training

Radiological measurements are crucial for the safe operation of nuclear facilities, but managing a dedicated staff for a comprehensive radiological measurement program can be expensive and time-consuming. Mirion offers a diverse range of solutions to address nuclear measurement applications, projects, and staffing needs, including system installation, calibration, consulting, and tailored service agreements. With an international support organization comprising experienced scientists, engineers, operators, health physicists, and technicians, Mirion helps clients overcome nuclear measurement challenges at their sites.

Expert Staffing and Training

Measurements and Expertise Services

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Equipment Maintenance and Calibration

Insufficient maintenance and calibration protocols of radiation measurement instruments may lead to inaccurate readings, potentially introducing error into decisions regarding worker exposure, waste management, and the dispersal of radioactive substances into the environment. Mirion offers all-encompassing maintenance and calibration services for radiation detection instruments, encompassing accuracy assessments, preventive maintenance for optimal equipment performance, and corrective maintenance for necessary repairs.

Mirion's IoT-enabled predictive maintenance solution offers numerous benefits, including enhanced equipment reliability, as potential issues can be identified and addressed before they lead to instrument failure. This proactive approach minimizes downtime, as maintenance can be scheduled based on actual equipment performance and wear, rather than relying on fixed intervals. Additionally, IoT-driven predictive maintenance can lead to cost savings, as it optimizes resource utilization and reduces the likelihood of unexpected, costly repairs or the need for premature equipment replacement.

Occupational dosimetry

Occupational Dosimetry

Handling occupational dosimeters in laboratory settings involves challenges like tracking, distribution, data management, cost, and potential loss or damage. A proficient system is essential for maintaining accurate dose tracking while addressing practical concerns and reducing administrative workload. Proper management of radiation badges is vital for guaranteeing worker safety and adhering to regulatory requirements in laboratories. Mirion's Dosimetry Services team offers an array of dose management solutions for occupationally exposed workers.

Genesis tld bp dosimeter front of assembled dosimeter label

Genesis Ultra TLD-BP™ TLD Dosimeter

Thermoluminescent Dosimeter

Apex dosimeter

APex™ Dosimeter

Optically-Stimulated Luminescence of Beryllium Oxide (OSL of BeO) Dosimeter

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