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At Mirion, we innovate products that guard against the dangers of ionizing radiation while harnessing its vast potential to help people, and the planet. If you are a highly motivated professional looking to make a real difference in the world, we would love to welcome you into our growing global family.

Join us in our mission:

To harness our unrivaled knowledge of ionizing radiation for the greater good of humanity.

Be a part of something bigger.

Mirion is proud to be a global leader in radiation safety, measurement and medicine. But we believe each one of us is more than the products we sell. Our success is defined by the positive impact our products have on humanity, from helping to create safer workplaces, supporting troops on the front lines, enabling life-saving medical procedures, and supporting clean energy production. At Mirion, we encourage big ideas that will make a difference in people’s lives.

We hope you’ll consider joining our global team.

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At Mirion, we believe knowledge is power.
Icare values

Our ethical principles inform our actions, championing an unyielding adherence to doing what is right.

Our commitment to employees, customers, and shareholders is unwavering as we recognize the vital role each plays in our success.

We proactively take ownership of decisions and outcomes, fostering an environment of dependability, empowerment, safety and personal growth.

We embrace honesty and teamwork, celebrate diverse perspectives, and seek to create an engaged culture where all contributions are valued.

Our inventive spirit drives us to challenge conventions, discover new horizons, and redefine what's possible within our business and throughout the world.

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Carrollton, Texas

“Every project or customer system is different and being able to collaborate with my peers helps to foster a continuing learning environment for me, which is something that I enjoy.”

Tashawnda H.
Sr. Principal Test & Validation Engineer, SIS
Carrollton, TX
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"My favorite part is working with cutting-edge technology that can provide patient safety within the radiotherapy treatment process and knowing the patients are benefiting from high quality treatment.”

Eduardo S.
Medical Physicist, International Application, SNC International

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On Clarity and Culture: Insights from CEO Thomas Logan

In an episode of The Smart Money Circle podcast, Mirion’s CEO, Thomas Logan, sat down with host Adam Sarhan to discuss his personal journey, leadership philosophy and the remarkable story of Mirion. With a focus on clarity and risk management, Logan provides insights into the company's success and the investment opportunities it presents.


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