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High-Temperature Imaging

Keep your operations functioning at peak performance around the clock, no matter the environment. High-temperature imaging equipment from Mirion provides a live view into boilers, furnaces, and more, helping you stay one step ahead of costly delays and enjoy the peace of mind of constant video monitoring.
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A Live View into The Hottest Places in the Industry

Knowing exactly what’s going on in your kiln or furnace helps you reduce fuel costs and extend plant operations. Our high-temperature imaging systems visualize measurement data directly onto your live footage, giving you valuable insight in real-time and taking thermal sensing capabilities beyond traditional methods.

Prevent Cement and Rotary Kiln Upsets Before They Shut Down Your Plant

Detect buildup and know exactly what’s going on around the clock, with resilient high-temperature cameras that give you a better look into your kilns. With built-in temperature monitoring, you don’t just have a visual on operations — you have real-time data.

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Keep Your Pulp and Paper Processing Plant Running Smoothly

Empower pulp, paper, and recovery boiler operators to navigate the difficult conditions of their processing plants, using reliable visuals of the hottest and most hazardous production areas. Advanced infrared viewing technologies from Mirion provide clear images for a better understanding of what is happening onsite at all times.

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Get an Inside Look at Your Steel and Aluminum Furnaces

Any melt tank requires a camera system that's protected from extreme ambient temperatures. Installing a Mirion high-temperature Spyrometer® camera in your furnace allows you to monitor the conditions inside the furnace around the clock, to ensure that operations are safe and efficient.

Waste to energy

Make Sure Your Waste-to-Energy Plant Burns Clean

By gaining full transparency into your operations, you'll be able to reduce emissions and maximize efficiency — helping ensure both successful process performance and compliance with regulatory standards. Unlock the potential of waste as an environmentally friendly source of energy with Mirion high-temperature cameras.

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Overcome the Elements in Your Thermal Power and Auxiliary Boilers

Thermal power and fossil fuel boiler operators need to observe burner ignition, while continuously monitoring fireball development. Specialized high-temperature cameras from Mirion allow you to minimize downtime and invest in a solution that will last decades, even in the harshest conditions.

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Customize a Camera for Your Exact Application

Want to find the perfect solution for your extreme temperature situation? Our cutting-edge camera systems are highly versatile. Mirion experts can help customize our systems to tackle your specific challenges, from glass manufacturing to mining operations.

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Expertise You Can Count On

At Mirion, our ISO certified products are designed with the durability and performance you need for the daily operations of extreme environments. But it goes beyond that. Our support team is always ready to meet the needs of your business: from fast replacement parts or tailored training sessions, they'll help keep your equipment and operations running without interruption.

Request a consultation with us and we'll help you design the best imaging system for your application.

M215 spyrometer

M215 S™

Spyrometer® 4 Dual Imaging IR Pyrometer Processor

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