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Corporate Social Responsibility

As we advance our sustainable and socially responsible priorities at Mirion, we focus on our products and services, environmental impact, social responsibility and corporate governance.
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Our Commitment to People and the Planet

Mirion is committed to ensuring that every aspect of our business plays a role in making the world a better place. We continue to evaluate sustainable and socially responsible priorities at Mirion, including sustainable operations, employee engagement, and ensuring our business partners are aligned with our commitments.

2023 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Our inaugural report details our focus and commitment to responsible products and services, sustainable operations, dedication to our people, and governance practices.

The Responsibility We Share

Our Mission

To harness our unrivaled knowledge of ionizing radiation for the greater good of humanity.

Our Values

Icare values

Our ethical principles inform our actions, championing an unyielding adherence to doing what is right.

Our commitment to employees, customers, and shareholders is unwavering as we recognize the vital role each plays in our success.

We proactively take ownership of decisions and outcomes, fostering an environment of dependability, empowerment, safety and personal growth.

We embrace honesty and teamwork, celebrate diverse perspectives, and seek to create an engaged culture where all contributions are valued.

Our inventive spirit drives us to challenge conventions, discover new horizons, and redefine what's possible within our business and throughout the world.

Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

We are committed to maintaining the highest level of ethical behavior in how we treat our customers, suppliers, business partners and each other.

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Headquartered in Atlanta (GA – USA), Mirion employs approximately 2,700 people and operates in 12 countries.


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