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From screening food and people to responding to crises, detect the radiological nature of an accident as quickly as possible so that you can plan a better, more informed response.
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Protect Teams, Civilians and Property

When used properly, our products offer extremely accurate radiation exposure readings, enabling you to screen with confidence and analyze incoming data in real time.

The most effective solution: outfitting your teams with a high density of radiation detection devices. The wearable, durable AccuRad™ Personal Radiation Detector lasts for 900 hours in the field, and built-in directionality means that your teams can find the location of a radioactive hotspot in a large, busy environment — fast.

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Detect and Identify Radiation Quickly

It’s vital to detect the radiological nature of an accident within the first five to 10 minutes of its occurrence so that you can take the decisive measures needed to contain it. To meet this tight time frame, first responder teams need to be properly equipped. With Mirion, our suite of radiation detection devices, from small, wearable units to those that can be placed inside a vehicle, can help you detect even trace amounts of radiation.

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Human Portable Radiation Detection and Identification System

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SpirVIEW Mobile™

Situational awareness software

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