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Surgical Imaging

Over time, table movement can begin to break down resulting in oil leaks and potentially high-cost maintenance. Biodex™ surgical tables operate electronically to maintain a sterile environment and last longer.

Exceptional Quality, Built to Last

Biodex legendary reliability is integrated into our high-performance surgical tables for vascular surgery, endoscopy, pain management, implants, urology and brachytherapy 3D imaging.

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Optimized for a Sterile Environment

Hydraulic tables run the risk of oil leakages, which can threaten the sterile environment of your OR and cause the need for continual maintenance. Our surgical tables are virtually maintenance-free, with a sturdy design and electronic movement that eliminates the risk of oil leakages.

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What other benefits do Biodex surgical tables provide?

Versatile and Customizable

Many of our tables suit multiple types of procedures and can be configured with various options and features to suit your exact specifications.

058 820 w drain bag
058 870 v2 motion

Superior Patient Comfort and Accommodation

Patients stay stable and comfortable with 2’’ tabletop padding and adjustable straps. Our tables can also accommodate bariatric patients up to 500 lbs.

Stable and Vibration-Free

Free-float tabletop and specially designed SmoothGlide movement keeps tables moving smoothly and quietly.

058 840i

Product Spotlight: Surgical C-Arm Table 840

058 840 ss trendelenberg

Offering precise, quiet, and vibration-free positioning, the Surgical C-Arm Table 840 model is the ideal choice for vascular and endoscopic procedures. The unique isocentric lateral roll movement maintains the center of the focal area, minimizing image distortion.

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