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Other High-Temp Solutions

From creating glass and cars to producing sugar and mining, some unique operations face extreme heat. Trust the precision of the specialized temperature-resistant imaging instruments from Mirion to give you accurate visual data in any condition. Let us help find a smart option that meets your needs — simply contact us today for more information.
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Keep Your Workers Safe

Safely monitor high-temperature areas in real-time without risk to your personnel. With our technology's exceptional performance at extreme heat levels above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, it serves as an invaluable resource for observing boiler rooms and other critical operations while providing temperature readings with accuracy.

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Keep Production On-Track

Gain invaluable insights into inaccessible locations like furnaces and boilers without compromising expediency. With non-stop streaming visuals of your operations in real-time, there's no longer any need for costly downtime caused by engineers or plant workers going on-site.

Customize Cameras for Your Specific Needs

Our product line includes cameras built for all kinds of high-temperature conditions, including:

  • Air-cooled cameras withstand higher temperatures than standard air-cooled cameras, enabling their use in more applications where a water-cooled camera may have been previously necessary — meaning easier installation and upkeep.
  • Water-cooled cameras can take the most extreme temperatures, reliably.
  • Pyrometric cameras allow you to not only see into an area but measure temperature, too.
  • Custom solutions can be built to your exact specifications if one of our existing cameras doesn’t meet your needs.
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Do you have a question or need a custom solution? We're here to help guide your research.